To be "Safe and Sound" is the end result of constantly considering safety in everything we do. In order to be "Safe and Sound", we have to treat safety as a way of working and living. Safety should never compete with other priorities. It should be the way we work, think and act day to day. When we do things in a safe manner and make sound decisions, each of us will always be safe and sound.





Our purpose is to be the best oil and gas company in the Gulf of Mexico operating a business that delivers attractive returns to our stakeholders in a Safe + Sound manner.

Fieldwood’s Values:




We will...

  • Execute a cash flow and economic return focused business
  • Perform at our best so Fieldwood Energy can be the best
  • Help each other be successful
  • Achieve and maintain Organizational, Operational and Financial excellence



We will...

  • Keep each other Safe + Sound
  • Be stewards of company resources and the environment
  • Be good neighbors for communities in which we operate
  • Communicate openly and honestly and seek input from team members, partners and vendors
  • Provide a friendly and welcoming work environment



We will...

  • Do what’s right
  • Keep our commitments
  • Act and make decisions ethically
  • Deal with each other directly and honestly
  • Seek fair solutions that strengthen relationships

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